These works are inspired by a visit to Ironbridge Gorge in the Black Country where I found myself gazing up at the manifestly experimental architecture of the famous bridge (the first structure in the world to prove iron could be used on such a scale) and had an overwhelming sense of the paradoxical nature of our human relationship with time and technology. Being able to reach out and touch this artefact of modernity, this unique defining moment of the Industrial Revolution and a symbol of everything that has come since made it seem numinous in its certainty. Like some archaeologist re-discovering the first wheel or Noah's Ark, in its presence I recognised my own desire for a connection with a life that is fixed and unchanging. These new works are a response to this need for such foundational stories or traditions which are also part of a larger, shifting history that seeks to be rationally decoded and demystified; in Jesus Christ Dinosaur both the nativity story and the evolution of the dinosaurs - recurring narratives of children's story books - are presented together as a phenomenon of absolute uncertainty.